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Bioenergy Promotion

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Presentations from the Berlin workshop 12.03.2010

Work package 3

Mar 19, 2010

Presentations from the workshop “Sustainability certification systems for transport biofuels and bioliquids - Outline of different approaches to certification systems and discussion of first practical experiences of implementation in EU Member States” (Berlin, 12.03.2010)

Chaired by: Petr Tluka, Czech Biomass Association


1. EU Sustainability criteria for biofuels and liquids: short overview of the 2009/28/EC and current situation of implementation

by Birger Kerckow, Agency for Renewable Resources

Examples of national strategies & measures on the implementation of sustainability criteria for biofuels

2. Germany by Dr. Hans-Jürgen Froese, Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Consumer Protection

3. Sweden by Matti Parikka, Swedish Energy Agency

4. Poland by Magdalena Mielczarska-Rogulska, Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy IF&RE Polish Technology Platform for Biofuels

Verification of compliance and enforcement

5. Overview about different certification systems

by Aino Martikainen, Agency for Renewable Resources

6. Requirements on certification systems in Germany (German approach)

by Karl-Heinz Schnau, Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

7. International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

by Dr. Jan Henke, ISCC

8. Renewable Fuels Agency (British approach)

by Dr. Keeley Bignal, RFA

9. Sustainability requirements – Position of an NGO

by Martina Fleckenstein, WWF

Practical Experiences on implementation level

10. Agricultural perspective

by Dr. Marcus Mergenthaler, BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH

11. Trade with agricultural products/ biofuels

by Andrea Dinig, Agravis Raiffeisen AG, Guido Seedler, Deutscher Raiffeisenverband e.V.

12. Rape seed oil processing

by Dr. Helmut Aniol, Ölmühle Anklam (Oil mill Anklam)

13. Status quo of RED implementation in the EU – industry viewpoint

by Dr. Gloria Gaupmann, European Bioethanol Fuel Association