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Bioenergy Promotion

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Sustainable Biofuels (Top-Level Research Initiativ)

May 25, 2010

Top-Level Research Initiative(TFI): Projects within the sub-program "Sustainable Biofuels" Four research projects, with leaders from Finland (VTT), Norway (SINTEF & NTNU) and Sweden (Chalmers) and participants from all Nordic countries, have been granted funding from TFIs sub-program "Sustainable biofuels".


The call, with a total budget of 30 Million NOK, opened on 15.10.2009 and the deadline for Phase 1 applications was 15.12.2009

In total 31 applications were received, requesting a total of NOK 244 Million of a total project budget of NOK 342 Million.

The applications were evaluated internally by the Program Committee for the sub-program and the overall quality was high and only very few applications were judged to be a bit weaker or less interesting.

Most applicants , and especially project managers, came from Sweden but also participants from Finland, Norway and Denmark (in descending order) applied actively. Five applicants were from Iceland.

For Phase II of the call, a total of ten applications were invited and they applied for NOK 89 Million out of total project budgets amounting to NOK 131 Million.

Phase II applications were evaluated by an external group of international (non-Nordic) experts.

According these evaluators all Phase II applications were of high quality.

4-5-6 applications were placed in a "top class".


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