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The second report in 'Task 4.1 Identification of regions' is now ready

Jul 08, 2010

The second report in Task 4.1 is now released. The focus in Task 4.1 is identification of regions, sources and models to be demonstrated, as well as coordination of the different needs of the rural areas. The report include descriptions of all (sub)regions that have been identified as a part of Task 4.1, in total 17. The report also describes some of the work that has been done in the different (sub)regions. The leader of Task 4.1, Mr. Ole Helmer Bjørlien (Arena Bioenergy Inland, Norway) has coordinated the work with the report. He has been supported by The Energy Farm and the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute. In addition the partners in the different (sub)regions has provided valuable contributions.